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Process / Model Area Development Coaching

Work with True Lean practitioners to create a True Lean Model Area that becomes your organization’s proving grounds for how lean can be successfully applied with your business. Our True Lean practitioners work to develop your Team Members’ skills to lead the transformation to ensure long-term success—moving beyond simply applying lean tools to creating a hands-on working and learning environment.

Designed for

Organizational Professionals at all levels and Departments

Key Takeaways
  • Learn what factors are important to consider in selecting a model area and how to develop the team to sustain their success.
  • Establish clear systems of standardization to stabilize operations for Team Members and meet customer expectations.
  • Develop methods to identify waste, defects, and inefficiencies quickly.
  • Prevent problem recurrence through effective problem solving implementation.
  • Identify Key Performance Indicators to help everyone see their progress and engage in opportunities.

Registration Information

Location: Off-site or Virtual available.

Contact to begin the process for your customized assessment.