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About the True Lean Systems Program

The True Lean Systems Program (True Lean™) is a division of the Institute of Research for Technology Development (IR4TD) at the University of Kentucky. The True Lean Systems Program collaborates with clients to put the possible into practice via sound strategies, optimizing their business system and empowering businesses and their people to own their futures. By embracing diverse perspectives, encouraging new ideas, and challenging the status quo, we train and coach to drive sustainable results for the organizations we serve. 

The True Lean™ Practitioners and Coaches know what it takes “having lived it” as former Toyota leaders, many of whom were among Toyota’s first North American Management. We maintain a strong relationship with Toyota to teach the true essence of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Our Practitioners and Coaches have supported numerous organizations in various industries through their successful transitions to True Lean™. We put the right team together to deliver, coach, and support you to achieve your goals by developing your system.