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Lean Executive Leadership Institute

Executives learn the critical transferable elements of The Toyota Way and TPS to develop a common understanding and alignment (One Voice) among the leadership as an organization begins its drive to True Lean.

Designed for

Executives and Transformational Leaders

You will gain knowledge in the following
  1. The foundations of the Toyota Production System (TPS) that lead to True Lean™ and the meaning and scope as a total management system.
  2. The practical applications of True Lean™ principles & practices relative to your business to achieve and sustain your goals
  3. The executive and leadership team performance and behaviors which are critical to driving the culture.
  4. The understanding of the desired Management system and structure that will drive and sustain a True Lean operations environment
  5. The “Path to True Lean,” a proven How-To framework developed and applied by our program to transition an organization to True Lean.
Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway”
  • This interactive session takes a practical approach to focus on where you are as an organization and begins shaping your priorities and direction to strengthen your system.
  • Align your Leadership team with a common understanding of and confidence in your Lean direction and the benefits to be realized.
Coaching Available

Executive coaching for leaders embarking on their True Lean™ journey and strategy development from our experienced former Executives who have lived it is available as needed post-LELI.

Registration Information

Location: On-Campus or at your company site.
Fee: $5,000 per participant

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Class is also available at a site of your choice. For information on fees for a dedicated session, contact