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Lean Certification Series

Based upon proven Toyota practices, combined with UK program experience with many organizations, this series provides participants with the knowledge & skills necessary to navigate through your True Lean transformation ensuring long-term sustainability.

This three-week series (1 week per month over three months) delivers deep True Lean™ knowledge of culture, principles, and practices as a comprehensive system. Participants will apply the learning in their workplace via “homework” between the three sessions and conclude by presenting their 8-step Problem-Solving activity during week 3.

Designed for:

Organizational Professionals at all levels and Departments

You will gain knowledge in the following:

  1. The foundations of the Toyota Production System (TPS) as the basis for True Lean™
  2. A thorough understanding of True Lean as a total system including culture, principles, practices, and Roles/Responsibilities by level
  3. The key elements of a True Lean Operating Environment include one-voice leadership, engaged employees, customer focus, standardization/normal, abnormal control, and continuous learning/improvement.
  4. A deep hands-on learning of Toyota’s highly effective 8-Step Problem-Solving methodology and understanding that it applies to all functions and levels as an everyday practice.
  5. The People Side (DNA) of True Lean™ as the cultural driver; how it applies to True Lean™ and is critical for sustainability.  
  6. Develop the Path to True Lean as a proven framework for effectively transitioning to True Lean. It includes one-on-one coaching to tune into each participant’s actual situation in their company.

Interactive with Gap Analysis “Takeaway” 

  • This interactive session includes an up-close Toyota walking tour, a visit to another organization successfully applying True Lean™, campus lab activities & exercises, and interactive discussions. 
  • Upon completion of the Certification, participants will be able to apply their learning and be in a position to lead their organization in operational and cultural development priorities for a True Lean™ transformation

Coaching Available

  • Executive and Operational Coaching for True Lean™ change agents embarking on strategy development and transformation activities  

Registration Information

Dates: 1 week per month over three months   
Location: On-Campus   
Fee: $8,000 per participant

Register Today

Class is also available at a site of your choice. For information on fees for a dedicated session, contact

Session Dates

SeriesWeek OneWeek TwoWeek Three
Series 1 - SOLD OUTJan 8-12, 2024Feb 5-9, 2024Mar 4-8, 2024
Series 2 - SOLD OUTJan 22-26, 2024Feb 19-23, 2024Mar 18-22, 2024
Series 3 - SOLD OUTApril 8-12, 2024April 29 - May 3, 2024June 3-7, 2024
Series 4 - SOLD OUTApril 22-26, 2024May 13-17, 2024June 10-14, 2024
Series 5 - SOLD OUTJuly 8-12, 2024Aug 5-9, 2024Sept 9-13, 2024
Series 6 - SOLD OUTJuly 22-26, 2024Aug 19-23, 2024Sept 23-27, 2024
Series 7 - SOLD OUTSept 30 - Oct 4, 2024Nov 4-8, 2024Dec 2-6, 2024
Series 8 - SOLD OUTOct 14-18, 2024Nov 11-15, 2024Dec 9-13, 2024
Series 9August 26-30, 2024September 16-20, 2024Oct 7-11, 2024