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Bill Cooper

Instructor and Coach


Bill Cooper has been a member of the True Lean Systems Group since 2000, joining the team following  19 years in the industry working in non-Lean engineering and manufacturing environments.

During his tenure with the University, Bill has worked with other team members on the creation, delivery, and continuous improvement of True Lean Certification and other training offerings. He focuses on providing laboratory-based simulations and other hands-on activities that complement classroom presentations and bring TPS principles and practices to life.

Bill also seeks to help fulfill Fujio Cho’s vision for the University of Kentucky to be a globally recognized leader in research on True Lean Transformation and the Toyota Production System; by addressing a “gap” in understanding human development “software” of manufacturing.  Hitozukuri (Improvement of People) and Monozukuri (Improvement of Processes) are core TPS concepts that are valuable in addressing this “gap.”